What is colour prediction game | Is colour prediction legal in India ?

Colour prediction game is a simple prediction game, where you have to choose the right colour out of three colours in under 3 minutes. If you choose the right colour you will win 2x to 9x return. You can also choose numbers from 0 to 9

The game is played 24×7 automatically. One game duration is 3 minutes and you have to choose the right colour within 2:30 seconds. Last 30 seconds the game locked the investment to process the result.  

In result if your prediction was correct the winning amount will be added to your wallet automatically after deducting a service fee.

Is colour prediction legal in india

According to the Indian constitution prediction is legal but putting money on prediction is kind of illegal. 

Colour prediction game is a kind of strategic skilled base game where the player has to use their brain and strategy to win the game. According to the Public Gambling Act, 1867, skill and endorsement games are legal in India except 6 states in India, Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland and Andhra Pradesh.

Color prediction game earn money without investments

Is colour prediction game legal in India ?

In many different ways players can earn money in colour prediction games. There are three different ways to earn money without investment. 1. Sign Up Bonus, 2. Refer and earn, 3. Daily interest. 

Some of the colour prediction sites offer a sign up bonus which can be withdrawable. 

Referring and earning is the best way to make money without investment. Colour prediction game sites work on three level referral programs. Without a referral code you can’t join a colour prediction site. Just invite your friends to join through your link and when they make a recharge you get a commission every time and this commission gets up to level three.

Color prediction game offers daily interest on your available balance in your wallet. If you have a high amount in your wallet you will get a very good interest daily. 

Colour prediction tricks

Here I will share some universal colour prediction tricks or hack which will work for all colour prediction games. 

  1. Always follow the number 9. When the number 9 comes, you have to bat on GREEN colour till the colour comes. The algorithm shown green within four games. 
  2. Play on both sides: follow the previous game, if the latest result comes with Number 2 and Colour RED, then for the next game you have to invest on Colour Green and all the numbers except number 2,0 and 5. Leave the previous number and 0,5. 
    The amount you should invest is 4:1.If you play the game with 10, then you have to invest 40 on GREEN and 10 rupees each number, total investment = 40+30=70, if colour wins 80-70= 10 profit. If the number wins 90-70= 20 profit. Both sides have a chance to win.
  1. If the game has an official telegram site you have to follow it and follow the broadcast they provide.

First few days observe the game properly then you can decide what to do. And always follow the triple and double investment plan. 

Colour prediction game Algorithm

Colour prediction game algorithms work on a randomized computer program. The algorithm is programmed to work for the game owner. Where the investment account is less, the algorithm will show the result there. If the amount is equal on both sides the result comes in Violet colour where the winning amount will be half.

Best colour prediction game in india

Here are some best colour prediction games who make the withdrawals in time. Join link and Referal code are given below.

GameReferal codeLink 
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