is panda fortune slots legit? | panda fortune review

If you’re new or already using the Panda Fortune Lucky slots and want to know the most awaited question, “is panda fortune slots legit?”

Today, I will give you a detailed Panda Fortune Lucky slots review based on my experience using the Panda Fortune app for the last two weeks. 

I have experience using different money-making apps and websites for the last five years. Panda slots review is based on my own experience. 

From what I have seen and observed in the Panda fortune app in the last two weeks, I think Panda Fortune Lucky Slot is not a legit money-making app. 

Wait, wait. 🤚🤚 Before making your final decision, let me tell you why I say Panda Fortune app is not legit. 

Is Panda Fortune legit?

The final question “is panda Fortune Slots legit?” Let’s find out the answer. You can measure any real money-making app with some basic and important features available in the money-making apps. these features are

  1. Registration process
  2. App interface 
  3. Tasks
  4. Contain ads
  5. Fees
  6. Contact Details

Registration process

If you have ever used any money-making app, you will notice that they ask the users for personal information like name, phone number, email ID, address, account details etc. 

However, the Panda Fortune app didn’t ask for any information from the user. Download the Panda fortune slot from the Play Store or App Store, and you’re ready to play and win real money.

App Interface

The Panda Fortune app has a basic user interface; it looks like a kid’s game, not a real money-making game.

 This app is developed in the UNITY development platform, and this platform is used in game development. 


Every real money-making game has created some tasks for users. When the user completes any task, he gets paid. But the Panda Fortune doesn’t offer any tasks to perform. Only a button is needed to operate all the operations. 

Contain ads

If you ever play any real money-making games, you have noticed that the developer uses the ads to earn money by clicking or showing ads to the user. And the user gets paid a percentage of money for viewing the ads. 

Money-making apps working on ads revenue sharing model and Panda Fortune also use this model. But Panda Fortune users’ winning money is greater than the ads budget.

If the developer gives users all the ad revenue, how does this app survive? I can’t understand the Panda Fortune revenue model. That’s why I think this is a fake app. 

Service Fee

Panda Fortune lucky slots give thousands of money when you win the slots. And the funny part is you don’t need to put any money to play this game. 

 If Panda Fortune Lucky Slots were a legit app, everybody would have thousands of money for free without doing anything, just press one button and make money. 

I hope you got the point, and I don’t need to say anything about the Panda Fortune app. If you are still confused, let me clear you. 

Panda Fortune Lucky Slots is a 100% FAKE App

Play this game only for fun

Customer Support 

Whenever you play any money-making app, please verify the customer support details. The Panda Fortune app provides an email ID [email protected]. I have contacted the admin many times regarding the payment details, but I still don’t get any response.  

What is Panda Fortune: Lucky Slots?

If you want to play the Panda fortune app for fun, you have to know what it is and how to play it.

Panda Fortune slot is a Slot machine game. If you ever visit any casino or see the casinos in movies, It looks like a big box with a screen and buttons.

 When you put in some money and press a button, the machine spins and shows you different pictures or symbols on the screen.

If the pictures or symbols line up a certain way, you can win some money or prizes. It’s like a game of luck because you don’t have much control over where the pictures stop. 

Panda Fortune is a digital version of the Slot machine, but you can play this game for free. You don’t need to put any money to play this game.

Application namePanda Fortune: Lucky Slots
Developed byStarve AppMaster2023

The base thing of this app is they claim that they give real cash whatever the player wins in this game.

How to install, register and Play

You can install the Panda Fortune app from the Play Store and App Store. Download the app and get ready to Play. 

Panda fortune slots don’t require any registration. After downloading, you are ready to play. Just press the spin button. 

The game is on every time you press the spin button, and the winning prizes are added to your wallet. 

How to Withdrawal 

Does Panda Fortune pay real money? Panda Fortune set a threshold of $5000/- for withdrawal.

Payment options are PayPal, OVO, Pay Pay, PayTM and Yandex Money. Entering your account details, you can apply for withdrawal. 

The answer to your question is that Panda Fortune doesn’t pay any real money. This is a kid’s game. Panda Fortune is just made for fun and to provide a real casino experience. 

Developers add the payment and real money effect. Only to have fun and get a real money-earning experience while playing the game. 

Final words 

If you have played or experienced any real money-earning app before, you can identify Padna Fortune in one second that this is a fake app. 

Nobody gives anything for free, and without doing anything, the Panda Fortune app gives real cash for pressing the spin button. You can try this game only for fun. 

If you’re interested in real online money-making apps, websites and other ways to get rich, then You can explore my site. Thank you.

FAQ – Panda Fortune Reviews

Is panda fortune slots legit?

Panda Fortune Slot is a 100% Fake app. You can only play this game for fun. 

Does Panda Fortune pay real money?

The Panda fortune app did not give you any money. This is a fake money-making app. This app is made for kids.

Does panda slots pay real money?

Panda slots don’t pay money because this game is made for kids to have fun.

Panda Fortune Lucky Slots – Legit or scam? 

Panda Fortune is a Scam app. You can’t win real cash in this app. This app is made for fun. 

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