How do you make money in Fiewin app ?

Fiewin is another best money-making gaming app like other gaming apps Fiewin offers different ways to make real money. 

The Fiewin app has 7 different games and 3 free ways to make real money. In this blog, I will explain all the ways to make a good amount of money and I will solve all your questions about this app.

its user-friendly interface and quick withdrawal system, Fiewin is getting more popularity among players. Mainly the withdrawal system is the main factor with this kind of money-making app, sometimes users can’t withdraw their winning amounts but Fiewin gives the payments in time till now. So hurry up download the fiewin app and earn real cash.

How to Register in fiewin app

  • Click on this official link
  • Now click on Register
  • Enter the mobile number
  • Click on Get verification code button
  • Enter a password 
  • Now enter the OTP you received and click on Register
join now button

This is the simple way to join Fiewin app. After completing this process, recharge a minimum amount of ₹100 and start playing. 

7 ways to make money in Fiewin app?

Fiewin has 7 games to play and make money. All games have different rules to play and the winning prizes are different. The games are Fast-Parity, MineSweeper, Andar Bahar, Crash, Dice, and Circle. There are three different ways to make FREE cash. 

How do you make money in Fiewin app
  1. Task reward: In this section, you can earn ₹2 to ₹1000 free cash without investing any amount. Just complete the task and earn money.
Learn to recharge₹2
First recharge₹5
First invitation₹5
More than 100 orders₹20
More than 1000 orders₹100
More than 1000 orders₹1000

2. Check-In reward: From day 1 to day 7 you will get some free cash for the daily log-in. After registration, if you log in the next day you will get ₹1. From day 2 to day 4 you will get ₹2 and from day 5 to 7 get ₹3 daily. After day 7 you will get a key to open a mystery box. Where you will get some surprises. 

3. Refer and Earn: This is the most powerful technique to make free cash in any industry. Fiewin offers a good amount of money to invite your friends. Without any investment, you can make a good amount of money just by inviting your friends to download the app and register. Fiewin offers a three-level affiliate commission. What are you looking for? Join us and invite your friends? All the registration process is given below.


Fast-Parity one-game duration is 30 seconds. In these 30 seconds, you have to choose any colour or number, 27 seconds to order, and 3 seconds to show the lottery result. It is open all day. The total number of trades in a day is 2880.


This is a colour prediction game. I already explained the best colour prediction games, how to play them, and all the colour prediction tricks. 

If you invest 100 rupees to trade, after deducting 2 rupees service fee, your invested amount is 98 rupees:

If you choose the right colour or number then you will get a 2x return. If you choose in colours GREEN or RED, or numbers 1,3,7,3,9, or 2,4,6,8 then you will get 2x. (if you invest 100) 100×2= 200. If the result comes with 5 or 0 then you will get a 1.5x return. 100×1.5= 150.

if the result shows Violate or 0 or 5, you will get 4.5x return (100*4.5) 450 rupees. A 2% service fee will be deducted from your invested amount. 


In three different modes, you can play Minesweeper 2×2, 4×4, and 8×8. The combination of 2×2, 4×4, 8×8 is like 2×2= 4, 4×4= 16, 8×8= 64 boxes, one of them was buried with a mine. You have to find a box without mine, and every time you find the box without mine you will win the game.

Andar Bahar

Ander Bahar is a traditional card game. One card is selected as a joker by the system, now you have to predict the next card with the same number coming on which side is Ander or Bahar.

If you choose the right you can make a 1.9x to 14x return.

For example: if your investment amount is 100

Joker selected by system 8.

  • If the next number 8 comes Andar then you will make 1.9×100= 190
  • If it comes Bahar then you will make 2×100= 200
  • If the Joker doesn’t come on both Andar or Bahar within 30 cards then you will get 14×100=1400.

A 3% service tax will be deducted for every transaction you make.


How do you make money in Fiewin app

This is the best game in the entire list of the Fiewin app. Here you have to predict how much X will come in this game. If you invest 100 and predict the game goes up to 5x then you will get 100×5=500. If the game goes more than 5x and you don’t stop it by yourself then you got nothing. So be careful or use this AUTO STOP button. When you select the auto-stop button the game stops immediately whenever your placed number has arrived. Service tax is around 3%.


In this game, you have to select the right number combination, from 1 to 100 you have to select any random number to predict as less than the number. As result, if the number is less than your selected number then you will be rewarded. If you invest 100 rupees. If you select <20, the result is 16, you will get (100*5) 500 points. 2% service fee. 


The Circle game is a type of colour prediction game. You have to select the right color, numbers, and animals. The prizes are like this.

Yellow 2X, Green 2X, Red 18X

Lion 3X, Elephant 3X, Cow 3X, 

Any number from 0 to 36. 36X

If you select Crown you will get 18X. 


Hilo is like Andar Bahar, one card is shown as a Hole card and you have to guess if the upcoming cards will be higher or lower than the card. If you guess the right card then you will win the game. You can skip a hole card to play the next game. If you win 4 times in a row without skipping within 7 games you will get a super JACKPOT award. 


If you invest ₹100, 2 rupees service fee and 1 rupee to enter the jackpot fee will be deducted. Your invested amount is 97 rupees: 2.0X: You will get 194(97*2) rupees. You can skip a maximum of 20 hole cards.

How to make withdrawal fiewin app

You can complete your withdrawal with one simple step just add your bank account and you can withdraw a minimum amount of 35 rupees, your amount will be credited to your bank account directly. A 2% service tax will be deducted from your withdrawal amount. Within 24 hours your withdrawal amount will be credited to your bank account.

Fiewin Recharge Process

The Fiewin recharge system is very fast and all the payment methods are available. You can pay using UPI and QR also. 

how to recharge in Fiewin app
  • After login go to the recharge option
  • Enter the Amount and click on recharge
  • Select any payment option and Pay
  • If you use the QR option then first you have to save the QR code in your phone and Pay.


At the end of this blog, we have learned everything about the Fiewin app. If you have any doubts feel free to comment below. Thank you. 

1. Is Fiewin App real or fake?

Ans: Fiewin app is 100% real money earning gaming app. If you haven’t joined yet click here to join now.

2. How do I complain to Fiewin?

Ans: You can contact Fiewin customer support directly on telegram by using this Telegram Bot

3. How do you make money in Fiewin?=

Ans: You can make money by playing different games in Fiewin app, there are three different ways to make money without any investment

4. How do I withdraw money from Fiewin?

Ans: You can complete your withdrawal with one simple step just adding your bank account and you can withdraw a minimum amount 35 rupees

5. What is Fiewin platform?

Ans: Fiewin is a gaming platform where you can earn real money by playing games and there are many different ways to make money without any investment.

6. fiewin telegram group link

Ans: Fiewin has no official telegram channel yet. You can contact them using this telegram Bot @Fiewin_Support_Bot

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