How to create colour prediction website | Free Source code

If you lose money in colour prediction games or want to start a new business online. Then, a colour prediction website can be a better option for you. 

Looking at the heavy demand on how to create a colour prediction website today, in this article, I will provide you with a brief introduction on how to create a colour prediction website. 

As we know, before creating any website, we need Domain and Hosting. To create a colour prediction game, we also need a Domain, Hosting, SMS service provider and the Colour prediction game source code. 

These are the basic requirements to create a colour prediction website. Before going to the setup, we have to know how the website works.

Here, You can download the color prediction game source code free, and if you need a better quality colour prediction website, you can contact me on telegram @wealth_miner 

The colour prediction website has a Frontend and a Backend. Frontend is for users, where They can play the game, Recharge, withdraw, invite and more.

colour prediction game frontend and backend

The backend is for the game owners, where he has full control of the game. He can manage the admins, Game results, users, recharge, withdrawal and more.

How to Setup Colour Prediction Website 

Before starting the setup, we have to buy Domain and hosting. And the best place to buy the Domain for colour prediction websites is Hostinger. You can get your Domain only for ₹99/- for one year. 

Before buying the Hosting, be careful with some of the hosting services. This source code will not work properly. You can face Cron job issues, MySQL database issues and more. 

To prevent all those Errors, buy the Hosting from here. 100% safe, Tested and working with any colour prediction website source code

Best Hostings for colour prediction website

Hostinger and Onohosting is the best hosting to create a colour prediction website. You can choose any one of those hosting. 


If you buy Hostinger Premium hosting you will get a 10% instant discount and get a free domain for One year. 

Onohosting is best for beginners. It’s cheap to start your project. Plans start from 500 rupees per a year with 1GB ssd storage.

Create a Database and users

Now follow the steps to complete your colour prediction website setup. 

  • Connect Domain and Hosting
  • Upload the source code in public_html folder 📁
  • Now, create a Database on MySQL databases
  • Create a user and connect with the Database
  • Give the permissions to the database user
  • Now go to PhpMyAdmin and upload the MySQL database file
  • Go to public_html> include folder and edit the Connection.php file
  • Here, you have to put your “Database user name, Database password and Database Name”.
  • Now do the same thing on the other Connection.php file located in the admin folder>included>connection.php

Now your site is almost ready, you can visit your site, and it will be open perfectly. 

To access the game dashboard or admin panel, you have to add a user and admin. To do that, follow the following steps

colour prediction websiteDatabase and users creation
  • Goto your hosting panel
  • Now click PhpMYAdmin 
  • Here, you have to select your game database 
  • Click on tbl_admin (here you can add the admin for the admin panel)
  • To add users, go to tbl_user

After adding the user and admin, you can access the game dashboard. To open the admin panel, hit this URL: “https://sitename/admin.”

Create Cron job 

Now, we have to create a cron job to update the period numbers automatically on the game dashboard. To do that, follow the steps 

colour prediction game cron job create
  • Go to the hosting Cpanel and click on Cron Job. 
  • Now click on common settings and select the “once per five minutes” option
  • Now leave all other details as it is, go to “Command.” option
  • Here, you have to enter this line of code: “/usr/local/bin/php /home/”WebsiteName”/public_html/wp-cron.php
  • Done. Now open your game Dashboard and hit this URL: “https://websitename/wp-cron.php.” a blank screen will be shown. 
  • That’s it. If you now check your game Dashboard, the period numbers are updated. 

Note: you have to enter your website name wherever you see the “websitename” tag to perform all the codes perfectly. One more thing, this code will be only tested in onohosting. 

OTP setup 

To set up the signup OTP, we need an SMS service provider. This colour prediction game source code is developed with the Fast2sms API; to complete the process, we need a Fast2sms account. 

  • Visit and create an account
  • Now copy the Fast2sms API key from the API section
  • Go to file manager and find the files names ” chkmobilenumberNow.php” and “veryfynumberNow.php”
  • Edit both files and replace the API key with your API key. 

UPI ID and Bank Account 

Our site is almost ready. Now we have to add the bank account and UPI to accept the recharge from customers. 

  • Open the file manager 
  • Go to public_html
  • Find the file name “checkout.php.”
  • Edit this file and replace the UPI ID with your own UPI IDs (UPI id are available in 233 & 234 serial numbers)
  • To add the Bank account details, edit the 245,246,250,251,255,256,260,261 serial numbers codes. 
  • After changing all the details, click on Save Changes.
add the bank account and UPI in the colour prediction game source code

Note: you can find the serial number on the left side of your screen when you open the file for editing. 

Change website Name, Promotion link, Logo, etc.

These are some basic changes you can make with your sites by simply editing some files. Here, I will give you the file names where you can change the details. 

To change the website name and site logo, Edit – head.php

Replace the Promotion link with your site name. Edit – promotion.php

Change the Homepage Header text, Edit – index.php

To replace the APK file with your app, Edit – myaccount.php

In this source code, you have a separate file for every function. To change anything, you have to find out the file name and change it according to you. 

Last words 

You can download this source code for free and create your colour prediction website by applying those steps. 

Some features are missing in this code, so don’t expect to create a perfect website. If you want to create a good quality colour prediction website, you can contact me on telegram @wealth_miner.

If you need any kind of help, you can contact me on telegram at any time and anywhere. Thank you 🙏

FAQ – Create colour prediction website free

Q: What are the basic requirements for creating a colour prediction website?

A: You need Domain, Hosting, SMS service provider, and the Colour prediction game source code.

Q: How do I set up a colour prediction website?

A: Follow these steps: Buy Domain and Hosting, Create a Database and users, Connect Domain and Hosting, Upload the source code, and create a Cron job.

Q: What SMS service provider does this source code use for OTP setup?

A: This source code uses the Fast2sms API for OTP setup.

Q: How can I customize the website name, logo, and other details?

A: You can edit specific files like “head.php” for website name and logo, “promotion.php” for the Promotion link, “index.php” for Homepage Header text, and other files for various functions.

Q: Where can I download the colour prediction game source code?

A: You can download the source code for free from the article, or if you want a higher quality website, you can contact the author on Telegram at @wealth_miner.

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