Best colour prediction game in india 2023

For a few years, colour prediction games are getting popular. But as the popularity is increasing, every day a new website is coming to the market. Most of the websites are fake. They will give you a full chance to win, but when you withdraw, then you will know the reality of that website.

Today in this article I will provide you with the best colour prediction games list for 2023. Where you can earn money by playing colour prediction games and withdrawing them to your bank account instantly.

Top 5 Best Colour prediction game 2023

These are the best colour prediction games in 2023. All the games are tested by myself and they give me withdrawal from time to time. if you have any queries you can contact them by email or WhatsApp all the contact details you can find on their official website’s contact us page. 

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How to play colour prediction game

It’s very simple to play any colour prediction game. Every game has three colors RED, GREEN, and Violet, and 10 numbers 0-9 you have to select the right one. If your prediction was right you will win the game. 

The game goes on 24×7. All the results were generated automatically by the algorithm. When you predict the color between RED and Green your winning amount will be 2x of your investment amount. For numbers from 0-9 except 0 and 5 you will get a 9x return. 

You can bet colors and numbers at the same time and the winning amount will be as per your bet amount. 

Example: Your Bet amount is 100, and you bet on RED. if you win you will get 200. On numbers 0-9 except 0 and 5 you will get 900. If you select Violate or 0 and 5 you will get half the amount. the winning amount will be Violet = 1.5x and 0 and 5= 4.5x.

colour prediction game

Note: on every transaction 5% service fee will be deducted from your bet amount. 

What is the algorithm of colour prediction?

The algorithm works on user retention and calculates the winning ratio of the users. The algorithm automatically calculates the total betting amount and it gives the results on that side where the player’s ratio is low. 

If the player’s ratio is the same on every side then it gives the half result means Violet, 0, and 5. Every time the owner of the game makes money, you lose or win no matter what every time you play, get a 5% service fee and after distributing the winning amount to players the algorithm calculates and saves some percentage of money for the owner on every game.

You can’t beat the algorithm, to win the game you can just follow some colour prediction game tricks. In the below section, I will suggest some colour prediction game tricks you can apply then to win the game. 

How do you win the color prediction game and earn money?

There are lots of tricks and tricks to win the color prediction game but all of them do not work every time. You have to observe the game for some time to win the game properly. 

There are three proven methods to win the game, Official broadcast, Following the number 9, Past game strategy, and the bonus one Earn without investment. 

Official Broadcast 

Every colour prediction game has an official telegram channel or WhatsApp group, from time to time they broadcast predictions you can follow them. 98% of predictions are correct, just keep enough found and follow their prediction, and they will make you win. 

Note: Remember to always follow the official channel or group and first observe them then invest. 

 Follow the number 9

Whenever you show the number 9, always remember for the next 4 games anytime the GREEN color will come. Use a 3x and 2x investment plan to make a good amount.

Example: After 9 numbers come you have to select GREEN color on every game until the green color comes.

GameInvest amount Result
2300 (Using 3x Investment)RED
TOTAL40005400 (Profite 1400 )


Note: if the color doesn’t come after the 4th game you have to stop the game till the next 9 numbers come. then you have to play using a 3x investment plan to recover your amount

Past game strategy

In this colour prediction game trick, you have to follow the last game results. You have to bet on the opposite colour and the same sequence numbers except for the last number, 0 and 5.

Example: the latest result was GREEN & 4, then in the next game You have to bet on RED and all the green numbers like 2,6 and 8. The betting amount will be RED = ₹400, and ₹100 on each number. The total bet amount will be ₹700. 

If the Colour wins you will win ₹800 and If any one number comes you can make ₹900. 

Note: you will lose the game if the same number comes and if the violet colour comes. 2% chance to lose the game if you play the game strategically. 

Bonus tip

You can earn money without investments in colour prediction games using these bonus tips. Every colour prediction game has a referral program. 

Just invite your friends to join the game and when they recharge and play the game you will make 10% to 30% without any investment.

How to create colour prediction game

now its very easy to create a colour prediction game. if you want to create a colour prediction game then you can contact me on telegram @wealth_miner

learn how to create colour prediction website

Note: If you are planning to operate a color prediction game, you should make sure to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in India.


After this article, we have the 5 best colour prediction games where we can make a good amount of money by following the colour prediction game tricks. I hope you like my work, if so you can explore our other content below. Thank you

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