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Satta matka, prabhat satta, smart matka, diamond satta all are the most popular satta games in this blog i will give you all the information about satta matka like how to play, where to play, time of play and i also shared the results and payments of satta matka game.

A number of such individuals are owners of billions in our country, including Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Kumar Mangalam Birla and many others who have worked in the field of industry in order to make their billions. There are many such names that take the business in a different direction, but there is one such name that is known as Matka King, not only in India, but also abroad. Yes, we are talking about Ratan Khatri, a person of great truth who has achieved a unique position. The story begins in the year 1962. Ratan Khatri gave a special style to the traditional gambling, in which the number was drawn from the pot, and it was considered as the lucky number of the day. Without internet and mobile, only in that era of telephone, this number used to spread all over the country in minutes. It was this that made matka king’s gambling so popular. This gambling method became so popular in Mumbai that a whole gambling industry started there. By the way, Khatri did not start gambling alone. He was accompanied by Kalyan ji Gala of Kutchi who had left Kutchi in 1944 and settled in Mumbai.

prabhat satta, ratan khatri

Kalyanji was then a simple man who ran a ration shop and lived in a chawl in Worli. Kalyan ji also got the scoop after hearing the stories of betting on the New York Cotton Exchange from the mouths of the shop visitors.The local version of betting, called matka, started from there. The popularity of the game started increasing as factory workers living in the chawl could also play in it for ₹ 1. Soon it moved from Worli to Jewari Bazaar and there it became its headquarters. Khatri came up with a unique way of choosing three cards for his bet. He picked any random shopkeeper in the public to pick up three cards among the crowd. Due to this, there was no fear of any kind of manipulation or bullying in choosing the card among the people. From 1962 to 2020, the popularity of Matta King is never ending. People are crazy to play matka king. They think this is the best way to make easy money. This is gambling, so we don’t recommend you to play this.

How to play satta king, Prabhat satta, Diamond satta, Satta king faridabad, Smart matka 

All satta games follow the same rules, sometimes the winning price should be different. Satta king game is a number prediction game.  It is very easy to play. You just need to understand some straightforward rules before playing this game. Satta King is a number-based game, and the result relies totally upon the number presented as the outcome. You can play this game offline and online. For offline mode, you should visit the area to play and in online mode, you should download the Satta king application or visit the site.  There are numbers between 00 and 99 written on slips in a Satta Matka; one or three unique numbers come out as lottery numbers. The player has to choose the right number between 00 and 99. If your number gets out, the winner will get a return up to 9 to 10 times the investment amount. If not, you will lose the invested money. The winning prizes will be different for different companies. Here are some Satta King companies, Gali, Desawar, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Prabhat satta, Diamond satta, Satta king faridabad, Smart matka, Matka jhatka, Prabhat matka, Kuber matka, Worli matka, Chennai matka, Mumbai smart matka, Kalyan Matka etc.

What is Prabhat satta ? How to play Prabhat satta 

Like other satta matka games, Prabhat satta is a satta matka game, where you have to choose the number between 00 and 99 and invest money as you want. If the number you have chosen comes out as a result, then you get the winning amount.  To play Prabhat satta you have to visit their website and place your bet. Five games played in a day and their name, opening and closing times are given below. This is a very good easy money making system, but Gambling is illegal in India, so we don’t recommend you to play this.

Prabhat01:30 PM03:00 PM
Prabhat Night08:00 PM09:00 PM
Kalyan04:20 PM06:20 PM
Rajdhani Night09:30 PM11:45 PM
Main Mumbai09:35 PM12:08 AM

What is Smart Matka ? How to play Smart Matka 2022

Smart matka is an updated version of satta matka. Like ratan khatri and kalyan ji gave a new form to traditional gambling, similarly smart matka is an online form of traditional gambling. To play smart matka you should visit their official sites. Here are some prize rates

GameInvestment Return
Single Patti101500
Double Patti103000
Triple Patti105000
Half Sangam1010000
Full Sangam10100000

Winning prize is very high and investment is very low, but the winning probability is only 10%, 90% of players lose the game, so We don’t recommend you to play this game because this is pure gambling that’s why we don’t promote any site here. 

Satta matka results and playing time

Here are some times of opening and closing of playing all the satta matka games. Opening time means from that time you can invest your money before the closing time. After closing time the result will be declared. You can check the result on their official site.

MarketOpen Close
Morning laxmi matka10:00 AM11:00 AM
Sridevi matka11:40 AM12:40 AM
Time bazar matka01:00 PM02:00 PM
Madhur day matka01:25 PM02:25 PM
Tara Mumbai day matka01:30 PM03:00 PM
Laxmi day matka02:30 PM05:30 PM
Milan day matka03:10 PM05:10 PM
Kalyan satta matka04:00 PM06:00 PM
Diamond satta01:00 PM02:30 PM
Satta king faridabad02:00 PM03:00 PM
Matka jhatka04:00 PM05:00 PM
Prabhat matka01:35 PM03:05 PM
Kuber matka10:00 PM11:00 PM
Worli matka06:00 PM07:00 PM
Chennai matka08:00 PM09:00 PM
Mumbai smart matka05:00 PM06:00 PM

Satta matka results

Here you can see Kalyan satta matka and milan satta matka one day results for daily results you can follow this link to get daily updates.

satta matka results today

Conclusion : 

At the end of this blog we can see that satta matka is a very popular and easy way of making money, but this is a high risk high prize game, so We don’t recommend you to play this game. If you’re interested in making money online or this type of gambling game, then you should definitely check out our Colour predictions games, articles. 


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