VClub colour Prediction Game – ₹2500 Bonus

Join  VClub colour prediction game and  Get a ₹121 signup bonus and  earn money without investment, tips & tricks Download the latest VClub apk now

VClub Referral CodeApatEJu7
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APKvclub apk download
Signup Bonus ₹121
Minimum withdrawal ₹200 (instant withdrawal)

Like other colour prediction games VClub app is one of them, but having some special features VClub is one of the best colour prediction games in 2023. Just predict the right color and win real cash. 

Talking about the special features now you can get a ₹121 signup bonus for free. You just join the Vclub app and get the bonus. You can play with the signup bonus and earn money without any investment.

The minimum withdrawal amount is only ₹200/- when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount you can apply for the withdrawal within 24hrs your amount will be credited to your bank account. No minimum account balance is required; you can withdraw all the amount you have. 

Best colour prediction game in india 2023

vclub real or fake

During my experience from 2019 with vclub colour prediction game, I don’t face any problems with this company. I don’t face any withdrawal issues or any kind of issue while playing this game

Day by day increasing the number of users who make money online and fraud companies in this field, is the obese question in everyone’s mind and it’s completely natural. 

The main factor in this field is that fake companies collect money from users and when they apply for withdrawal they reject them by showing some bank or technical problems. After a few days the company will despair or they just blocked the user’s balance or the account. 

Since that date, I have had no issue with vclub. But before you join please do your research because this may affect your financial condition. 

How to register on vclub colour prediction game

To register on Vclub colour prediction game you have to follow simple steps to register. You have ₹121 signup bonus for play without investing any money. Just use this code “ApatEJu7” to get the bonus.

Step 1: visit the official site or click here 

vclub Signup screen

Step 2: Enter your mobile number and click on the OTP button

Step 3: Enter the OTP and set a password  

Step 4: In the Referal Code section you have to enter the code ApatEJu7  to get the ₹121 Signup bonus 

Step 5: Click on Register and go to the login page and log in using the mobile number and password. 

Step 6: Now go to the recharge section and recharge a minimum amount if you wish or you will get the free Bonus of ₹121 to play the game without any investment. 

Vclub APK download the latest version

Now you can download the Vclub Apk latest version from the official site Vclub. in or just click on the below button to download the apk. 

Vclub Apk latest version

How to Earn ₹2500 Bonus In Vclub App

Vclub offers up to ₹2500 career BONUS for every user to complete some task, and you can earn a daily cash bonus also. 

  1. Learn to recharge: Check the recharge help and answer the question correctly and get ₹2
  2. Recharge Reward: Earn extra rewards for the second recharge ₹10
  3. First invitation Reward: Invite others to register and complete the first investment and get ₹10
  4. First Recharge Reward: Earn Extra rewards for the first recharge ₹10
  5. First Withdraw Reward: Extra rewards for successful first withdrawal ₹10
  6. 100 Periods Reward: In the Bcone server Add up an investment of 100 periods and get ₹40
  7. 1100 Periods Reward: Add up investment of 1110 periods and get ₹200 (Only for Bcone server)
  8. 11100 Periods Reward: Get ₹2000  for Add up investment of 11100 periods 
  9. First Investment Reward: New users finish their first investment and get ₹5

How to earn money on Vclub without investment 

With three methods you can earn money with VClub without any investment. As you know colour prediction games are high investment high bonus games. You can earn what you invest but for the first time, everyone has a trust issue. That’s why whoever wants to play the game or wants to test the game can start with zero investment. 

VClub offers you ₹121 Signup Bonus. You can use this money to play the game 

Referral and earn program you can earn money without any investment just refer your friends to join the game and you can get a commission for that. 

Daily bonus VClub offers a bonus amount for daily login to the game. When you sign up For the first time you get a ₹20 as a referral bonus you can withdraw this amount and the daily check-in amount will be added here and you can withdraw this amount daily. 

Using this method you can earn money with the VClub colour prediction game without any investment. 

vclub colour prediction Trick

Every colour prediction game has some tips and tricks or you can call tricks. In our previous articles, I already explained some tips and tricks, how the game worked, and the rules of every colour prediction game.

If you are interested to learn them you can read the article “Colour Prediction game trick” 

Today in this article I will explain two new tricks, using these tricks you can earn a good amount of money from Vclub app. Just remember you need to maintain a required amount of money.

Trick number 1: this trick is followed by numbers 0 and 5, whenever number 0 or 5 comes you have to invest in the next game on green color. You have to follow the green color till you make a profit using a triple or double investment plan.

(Read this article “Colour prediction game rules and tricks” to know more about double and triple investment plans )

Trick number 2: in this colour prediction trick you have to follow the period number and price.

First, you have to select the last one digits from the period and price and calculate them plus. Example: 9+2 = 11 odd number means GREEN colour

vclub hack

Second, you have to select the last two digits of the period. 

Example: 4+9 = 13 odd number 

vclub hacks

And last time you calculated all three numbers.

Example: 4+9+2= 15 number 5 comes with GREEN colour.


Note: if all three calculations indicate the same colour then you have to invest in that colour. Please be careful if some tricks will not work please use your mind and observe the game before investing. 

 Recharge and withdrawal 

Vclub offers a dedicated recharge button. Minimum recharge amount ₹200 only. Enter the amount, and select the channel for payment, once your payment is completed the recharge amount will be added to your wallet within a second.

To apply for withdrawal go to the profile page, under the wallet section you can see the withdrawal option.

Add your bank account and enter your withdrawal amount. Within 24hrs your withdrawal amount will be credited to your bank account.


What is the signup bonus for joining VClub?

The signup bonus is ₹121.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount on VClub?

The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹200.

How can I register on VClub?

You can register on VClub by following the steps on their official website or using the provided registration link.

Can I earn money on VClub without investment?

Yes, you can earn money without any investment through referral programs and daily bonuses.

How can I recharge and withdraw money on VClub?

You can recharge by using the dedicated recharge button and withdraw by selecting the withdrawal option in the wallet section.


VClub is one of the best color prediction games that offers a ₹121 signup bonus and you can win up to ₹2500 cash bonus for completing some simple task. Hurry up don’t miss the chance to win free cash and more money for FREE.

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