[Top 5] UpComing Hot ULLU Web Series 2022

Here are the top 5 upcoming hot Ullu web series stories, cast, and release date. All the information is given below. To enjoy all the web series for free, read this article and get all the information.

Ullu web series is the most popular content search on the internet. Every adult viewer loved to enjoy the ullu web series because of their hot, bold, and sensual content. In this article, I will provide you with some information about the top 5 upcoming hot ullu web series 2023. Like alt balaji Ullu Introduces a New, young, and fresh face for every web series. crisp and short storyline fans loved to enjoy every ullu web series. Some of the most popular Ullu web series are Charmsukh, Palang Tod, jalebi bai, etc. Ullu web series are A certified so you should enjoy them alone or with your partner, you can’t enjoy them with family.

Web SeriesReleased Date
TAKK Part 211/11/2022
Palang Tod( Siskiyaan – Season 3)04/11/2022
JabranComing Soon
Honey trap15/11/2022
I love you Coming Soon
Whenever the release date is announced, the date will be updated here.

TAKK Part 2 Story, cast, and Release date

ullu web series Takk Part 2

Takk Part 2 story is based on a gym trainer, the gym trainer has multiple affairs with his clients, and one day he has a penile fracture. Female clients join the gym because of this trainer to make affairs with him. Because of this penile fracture, he can’t satisfy his clients and the story begins from there.


  • Aliya Naaz
  • Heman Chudhary
  • manisha Jain
  • Ruks Khandagale
  • Alia Qureshi

Release date : 11/11/2022

Ishqiyapa Story, cast, and Release date

ullu web series Ishqiyapa

This web Series is based on a story of some college students and a teacher. Ruks Khandagale played the role of the hot and bold teacher. In this web series, we can enjoy the romance of a teacher with her favorite student. We will see a new relationship between the teacher’s husband, and a student at his wife’s college. this web series was released this November you can enjoy it on the ullu app or follow us on telegram to watch this for free.

Ruks Khandagale, Shivangi Roy

Release Date

Palang Tod( Siskiyaan – Season 3) Story, cast and Release date

As you know “palang tod ” the name explained everything. If you enjoyed previous seasons 1 and 2, you can imagine the pleasure of this web series. This Palang Tod( Siskiyaan – Season 3) focuses on a story of a newly married wife, and how she satisfies every man in her house. We can enjoy some threesome moments also.

Hiral Radadiya, Priya Gamre, Noor Malabika

Released Date

Jabran Story, cast, and Release date

ullu web series Jabran

Jabran the name told everything. Ullu web series Jabran’s story is based on a forced night of a newly married wife. On her first night when she was waiting for her husband, a thief entered the room and made a jabran first night with her.

Maahi Khan, Donna Munshi

Released date
Coming Soon

Honey trap cast and Release date

ullu web series Honey trap

A married woman is ignored by her husband and she is obsessed to get sexual pleasure. Every man ignored her, including her husband. One day she meets BABA JI and he gives her a bottle of honey. A magical honey whenever she eats a spoon of honey and wishes to sleep with anyone, the other person immediately agrees to sleep with her. How she enjoyed every kind of test using this honey. You can feel the pleasure of watching this Honey Trap Ullu web series.

Hiral Radadiya

Released date

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