[Top 10] Colour Prediction Game Trick work 100%

Every player who makes a loss in colour prediction games they are looking for a colour prediction game trick.

 If you’re one of them then you’re in the right place. Today in this article I will provide you with 20 color prediction game tricks, but before you read the tricks you have to remember some IMPORTANT TIPS.

Remember all the colour prediction games are works 24×7 with randomly generated results. Sometimes you make losses so don’t lose your control.

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how to make colour prediction website. complete process overview

Manage your time fixed a time to play the games. If you stack all day you lose it all.

Don’t be greedy. Make a range of your profit and loss for a day, don’t cross the limit.

Manage your money depending on your playing amount, maintain the balance in your wallet, and from time to time apply for withdrawal of your winning amount. When the government banned those colour prediction games no one can guarantee. So just keep the playable balance in your wallet. 

Alaway chooses a popular and trusted site, before choosing it please read a review or search on youtube about that site. Don’t invest your money before investigating them. Here are some trusted and popular colour prediction games.

Colour Prediction Game tricks 

1. Follow the Trend

Colour prediction games have some predefined trends that you can follow. If the trend matches you can predict the upcoming color. There are 11 trends you can see in this image.

In this image “A” defines Red Color and “B” Green color. When you have seen any one type of this trend, bet on the color defined here. 

colour prediction game trends hack

To match the trend you have to follow the last color of the game. If the last four colors matched any one of these trends then you have to bet on that color defined by the trend.

colour prediction game hack

Example: In this image, you can see the last four colour matched with the number 6 trends or rules and based on that rule the upcoming color will be GREEN. Here you can see the Green color comes and these tricks work 100%.

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2. Dragon Trend : 

This is a basic trend you have to just follow the last four results. In this trick, one colour may come five to fourteen times. 

colour prediction game hack

If the GREEN color comes three to four times continuously then you have to invest in the GREEN color in the next game. You have to play continuously till you book a loss. 

Remember to play with the same amount, don’t invest a high amount if you win. 

3. Follow number 9

In some of the colour prediction games, you can use this trick. Maybe it’s worked in every game. As you know 9 comes in GREEN color. 

you have to follow the Number 9 when you show it in the results. You have to play with the GREEN color for the next four games.

Whenever 9 comes in the results, in the next four games GREEN color comes One or Two times definitely, you have to follow the number and make a profit.

4. Number 6 

When the number 6 comes in the results you have to invest in RED color. it may take up to 4 times to get the result so you have to manage at least four levels of balance in your wallet. 

5. Number 4

As for number 6 if you see number 4 in the result you have to bet on GREEN color and 1 or 7 number. Here also required a four-level balance in your wallet. 

6. Number 2

Bet on the RED color and 8 or 4 numbers if you see Number 2 in the result. Manage the balance up to level four. 

7. Multiplication 

In this method, you have to add and multiply the period, price, and number in the result.

colour prediction game hack

First, you have to take the mid-three digit from the period and add them.

Period = 20230204434 (0+2+0=2)

Now add the last two digits from the price and add the period numbers. 

Price = 30013  (1+3= 4) (2+4 =6)

Now multiply the added number by the number from the last result. 

Result number = 3 (6×3 = 18)

You have to take the last number. 8 will be the next upcoming result, number 8 stands for RED color so you have to invest in RED color for the next game. here also you have to follow the level four management rule.  

8. Risk-Free Mode

In this method, only 2% of people lose the game. One doesn’t have patience and the other one is greedy.

If you play with small amounts you will make a small profit, a big amount big profit. Don’t Be GREEDY

You have to invest 4x in the opposite color that came in the last results and 1x on numbers, except 0, 5, and that number that came in the last result. 

Example: Last result ( 9 and Green), in this game you have to invest in RED = 400, and Numbers = 1,3 and 7 ( 100 each)

  • Total Investment = 700
  • If color win = 800 (100 profit)
  • If Number Win = 900 (200 profit) 

 Note : You will lose if only the Violet color comes or if the same number comes again which came in the last results. So please see the trend before investing your money.

9. Official telegram channel

Every colour prediction game has an official telegram channel, from time to time daily they predict the game, if you want to play safe you can follow them on telegram and observe their prediction if you think they are trustable then you can play with them.

Here are some official telegram channel links

Diamond Player


Godrej Mall

Mantri mall

10. 3x and 2x investment 

This is a loss recovery method. If you lose then you have to increase your investment amount by 3x and 2x investment. 

You can recover your loss if you follow this method. Here are some examples of the 3x and 2x investment amounts and the minimum balance you have to maintain to follow this method.

colour predication game hack

Bonus tip

To win and always make a profit in any colour prediction game you have to follow some simple steps. 

Always play with a small amount and remember one thing you can’t win all the games fix a loss amount for a day, if you cross that amount stop playing for the day, as the same as the profit amount you want to book in a day. 

Here are the required balances to maintain a four-level balance in your wallet. 

AmountLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Total
Amount is in 3x method

Note: Always maintain the level four balance in your wallet and follow the dragon trend before any trick. Remember all the tricks are not 100% work in all games. First, you have to observe the game and follow the tricks. If all the tricks worked well then you have to invest your money. We are not responsible for any kind of financial loss. 


All the tricks and colour prediction game trick works in different situations you have to observe the game first. The most popular and proven method follows the dragon trend, manage your money, fix a winning amount and loss for a day, and maintain the minimum level four balance in your wallet.

Before using any colour prediction game trick apk you have to know that trick apk are not safe to use on your mobile or pc. Be careful and stay safe we are not responsible financially or for any kind of loose use at your own risk.

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